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Stacey Mollus is a humor columnist, freelance writer, and author. At the age of five, she fell in love with books after stepping onto a bookmobile and being presented with her very own library card. Becoming an avid reader after that moment, she quickly figured out that the written word had the power to transport a person to another realm and she wanted to give people that experience. Her destiny was to be a writer.

Holding her dream close while she raised her family, she honed her skills in private until her full-time mother career was complete, then she boldly knocked on the door of the newspaper editor in her hometown and introduced herself as, "his next editorial writer". After explaining she had absolutely no experience, she handed him some sample articles and told him to contact her if he thought she was truly a writer. Three weeks after that meeting, she had her own column in a local women's magazine.

Her passion for writing, added with the desire to make people laugh has made her a wildly popular columnist, her article published nationwide. She now writes for several women's publications, gardening magazines, and blogs. Her first fiction novel, "Sylvia, Please Don't Be Dead" was met with rave reviews, and her children's books are a hit with young and old. All are available online and in stores.

She loves her life in the Midwest and gladly shares her message of joy and laughter to anyone that will listen.

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