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I am a passionate person. I fall head-over-heals in love, get angry and usually say something I regret when I feel somebody has done somebody wrong, and feel every emotion a movie producer wants me to feel, when watching a flick. 

I have always been one to “feel” very strongly. As a matter of fact, I just ran across some poetry I wrote when I was only 14 years old and I wrote things like,  “I try to look the other way, when you walk into a room, but I can’t. Was there ever such a magnet as your face?  Compulsions, stronger that the will of God make me want to kill your smile, before another woman sees it”.

Looking back, I probably could have used some therapy but fortunately, I made it through those episodes of stalking, that are now, nothing but a memory.

Passion is important to me and has served me well. It believe it is like life’s “dimmer switch”. (You know, one of those light switches you can dial down when you want it to be darker, but still have just enough light on to keep you from walking into a chair?)

Well, in my observation, that is the status of the lives of many people. They have dialed back their passion so they have just enough light (passion) to keep from being declared dead, but all the brightness has pretty much been shut off. Most people are passionate when they are young  about making a touchdown, getting good grades, singing in the school choir or the ever popular, opposite sex, but as we age, we let our passions cool off and that is when life becomes mundane.

I know what you are thinking, “Well, why be thrilled about a job that I  have worked at for 15 years? It is the same old, same old.”  That is the type of thinking that turns your “dimmer switch” down a notch.

Maybe you make excuses that you are “too old” to play frisbee with the kids or dance with your spouse or go to the drive-in, etc. Those are instances where you have the choice to be passionate or make your life a little dimmer.

Then there are couples who get divorced, every day, proclaiming, “There is just no passion in my relationship”. Well I say, MAKE SOME! Passion is not just something that comes naturally like breathing. It is something that you  pursue and make a mental decision to do. You have to WORK AT “keeping the flame alive” because it is EASIER to come home, set down your briefcase, pat the spouse on the head and sit down to dinner, never discussing the joys of life and what possibilities lie ahead like you did when you were trying to win that persons affections. Major dimmer switch here!

I am celebrating my 29th wedding anniversary this weekend. I REFUSE to let the passion that I felt for a certain 15-year-old boy that I stalked and wrote clingy, dramatic poetry for, wain. When talking about him, I still refer to him as my “boyfriend” and I treat him like we were still dating, knowing that I am in charge of my “dimmer switch” and I want to continually FEEL the same love and passion for him that I did that hot August afternoon, when I saw his feathered-hair, flowing from beneath his ball cap, as he fielded a baseball in left-field. We still have passion and I still get chills when he walks in the room. I constantly remind myself that I am the lucky girl who gets to go home with that man!

I REFUSE to live my life without passion but I know, passion requires work. The dim life, is really the easier path because getting up in the morning, going to work, coming home, watching TV, going to bed and getting up the next day and doing it all over again the next day, is easy.

Next time you go outside, stop and listen. How many sounds do you hear? How many smells do you recognize and what does the sun feel like on your skin? Take off your shoes and walk through a puddle and don’t be so grown-up all you do is think about how dirty your feet will get! I guess what I want to say is, ENJOY LIVING! A life full of habit and brainless activity is bland. Reach out and passionately grab hold of someone or something. Just don’t do it to the person standing next to you at the grocery store. Restraining orders really put a damper on living a passionate life!

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